Sonny Weems

Sixers Add NBA Journeyman Sonny Weems

March 10, 2016 Jack Slotterback 1

The Sixers claimed swingman Sonny Weems of waivers on Monday, hoping he can help the team’s defensive woes. With far less notoriety than Sonny Liston (boxer), Sonny Rollins (jazz saxophonist), or even Sonny Bono (singer, politician), a new “Sonny” has […]

Nerlens Noel Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers Need To Pick Up The Pace

November 4, 2015 Jay Naborn 0

For the last two seasons, the Sixers have been a team that really likes to get out and run. They finished first in the league in pace in 2013-14 and sixth last season. Although the offense was historically bad in […]