Aaron Nola

Time For Aaron Nola To Become The Ace

February 12, 2016 Joe Ciminera 0

Despite Aaron Nola only starting a handful of games, there is no reason to think he can’t be the ace of the Phillies rotation.  Aaron Nola is going to be the most heavily scrutinized player on the Philadelphia Phillies this […]

Maikel Franco Philadelphia Phillies

Maikel Franco Sent Down To Minor League Camp

March 20, 2015 David Goodman 0

Going into Spring training, many observes thought this might be the year Phillies’ prospect Maikel Franco finally makes the move to the big club. With Cody Asche‘s position as starting third baseman far from guaranteed, it was thought that Franco […]

Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies

Can Ryan Howard Turns Things Around?

February 25, 2015 David Goodman 0

On Monday, Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard showed up for what may be the most awkward Spring Training of his career. The Phillies are in full rebuild mode and look to be less than competitive this season. Several members of […]

Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies

Chase Utley Drops The F-bomb. Again.

February 23, 2015 David Goodman 0

Say what you want about the Philadelphia Phillies, you gotta love Chase Utley. On Monday Utley met with the media in Clearwater as he gets ready to embark on yet another Spring Training with the Phillies. He was asked all […]