Nicolas Aube-Kubel

Is Nicolas Aube-Kubel The Next Tyler Toffolli?

February 2, 2016 Michael Appel 1

The similarities between Flyers prospect Nicolas Aube-Kubel and Kings forward Tyler Toffolli go deeper than just their stats would suggest. I love drawing parallels when it comes to sports. And the parallels between current Kings forward Tyler Toffolli and Flyers […]

Ron Hextall

Ron Hextall Does It Again

January 14, 2016 Michael Appel 2

Flyers GM Ron Hextall has once again performed a miracle, trading away Vinny Lecavalier, Luke Schenn and their expensive contracts.  On yet another long, dreary day at my day job of driving for UPS, I heard my phone chirp telling […]

Jakub Voracek Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers Fooled Me Once…

November 6, 2015 Michael Appel 5

I let it happen again. I allowed myself to be fooled by the Flyers fast start. I allowed myself to believe that this year’s version of the Flyers was somehow different then the teams of the past three years. I […]

Danny Briere Philadelphia Flyers

Danny Briere: Little Big Man

August 20, 2015 Allan Feather 0

In light of the announcement of Danny Briere’s retirement after 17 seasons, we take a look at the diminutive center’s NHL career. Since the lockout of 2004-05, the NHL has become much more of a ‘little man’s game’. No longer […]