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Getting To Know The Philadelphia Phillies With Xfinity X1

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To many fans, the “new” Philadelphia Phillies are still a bit of an enigma, but Xfinity X1 can help change that and bring you up to speed.

If you had told me that at the end of June the Philadelphia Phillies would be 41-35 and vying for first place in the NL East, I probably would have laughed at you and walked away.

Sure, GM Matt Klentak has made a few solid moves to bolster the roster, such as signing slugger Carlos Santana and right-hander Jake Arrieta. But neither of those were seen as something that would suddenly catapult the Phillies into contention.

However, it sure looks like someone forgot to tell the Phillies that.

As a result, Philadelphia suddenly has a baseball team that is not only in contention, but could be major players as the trade deadline quickly approaches at the end of July.

So what is a lapsed, bandwagon fan to do?

Get up to speed thanks to Comcast’s Xfinity X1, that’s what.

And you can do it all from the comfort of your couch using the X1 voice remote.

Just grab your X1 remote and say “MLB” to bring up the MLB Sports Guide which includes all the latest stats and standing for the entire league, including the Phillies. Or say “Phillies” to open the Xfinity X1 sports app to get starting lineups, standings, team leaders, rosters and pretty much anything else you may need to know about the team.

Wait, there’s more. Use Baseball Extras during the game to get full pre and post-game analysis as well as batter-by-batter and pitching stats all while you watch the game. Then there is the fact that you can use X1 to remind you of upcoming games or record ones you may miss because you think you have something better to do.

Of course, now that you can stream Phillies games just about anywhere on any device, you don’t really have any reason to miss a game, do you?

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As you can see, thanks to Xfinity X1 you can get completely up to date on your Philadelphia Phillies and know exactly who’s who on the field. No one will be able to accuse you of being a fair weather fan or not knowing where they are in the pennant race.

Because it is looking more and more like that may be exactly what Philadelphia has to look forward to later this summer. And who doesn’t love fall baseball, huh?

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