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Why Brett Brown Should Be The New Sixers General Manager

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With the end of the Bryan Colangelo Era in Philadelphia, there is no question that the best candidate for the job is head coach Brett Brown.

On Thursday Bryan Colangelo found out that it was time for him to update his resume.

That was when the strange saga that had engulfed him and the Philadelphia 76ers came to the only conclusion it could, with his resignation as President of Basketball Operations. Whether you believe him that he knew nothing of the Twitter activity that had cast the Sixers in a disparaging light or not, as first reported by The Ringer, was irrelevant.

The trust between him and the team was gone and was simply not capable of being repaired. Maybe if the Sixers were still tanking or The Process was finished Colangelo might have been able to weather the storm. However, the franchise is entering possibly the most important offseason in recent history and they need a leader that the organization and potential free agent targets can have full trust in.

That just didn’t describe Bryan Colangelo anymore.

With Colangelo now gone, the list of possible replacements has already begun to form, with the name at the top of most people’s lists a familiar one. Many feel Sam Hinkie should be given a chance to finish what he started. Other names that have been mentioned are David Griffin and Mike Zarren among others.

Even so, the best candidate for the job may be someone who is already on the Sixers payroll.

When the Sixers announced that Colangelo was out as GM, they also mentioned that head coach Brett Brown will be taking over the day to day operation of the team in the interim.

It should be fairly obvious to everyone that the Sixers should remove the “interim” tag and give the job to Brown as soon as possible.

Because if anyone has earned the trust of not just the organization but of the players and fans, it’s Brown.

Brown is known as a coach that will go to bat for his players, which he has proven again and again over the last five years. It has earned him the respect of every player that he has worked with and even many on other teams.

Brown has shaped this Sixers roster from a team that struggled to win 10 games just two seasons ago to a team that won 52 games and went to the second round of the NBA playoffs. You don’t think other players around the league didn’t notice that?

And he did it not just with talent, but by changing the culture of the Philadelphia 76ers organization. He built a winner brick by brick, no shortcuts and by having faith in his players and The Process that got them there.

He took Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Dario Saric and transformed than from rookies with a lot of upside into the nucleus of the next great NBA dynasty. Even players like Nerlens Noel and Michale Carter-Williams owe a debt to Brown for having any career to speak of at all.

Most importantly, he has been here since day one. There is no one in the Sixers organization who understands this franchise like Brett Brown.

Brown has already said that he has no desire to run the day-to-day operations like a typical GM, but there is no question that talking Brown into taking the job should be Josh Harris’ top priority. He should do it before the NBA Draft and put Brown in place so that the team can hit the ground running once free agency begins.

There is really no other candidate who the Sixers could interview who has Brown’s qualifications.

Brett Brown and The Process are one and the same. They always have been. It’s time for Harris to make it official.

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