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Philadelphia Flyers Playoff Hype Video Is Epic

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The Philadelphia Flyers have released a new hype video for their upcoming playoff run and it does the job exceptionally well.

As most Philly sports fans will no doubt remember, the Philadelphia Eagles released some pretty amazing hype videos on their way to Super Bowl LII. The one that dropped before the NFC Championship game was a thing of beauty but even that paled when compared to the video that arrived right before the Super Bowl.

The Eagles’ Super Bowl hype video seemed to take all the emotions and pent up frustration of an entire city and somehow capture them perfectly. Add in the Bradley Cooper voice over and you had a video that many fans still watch almost daily.

Well, the Philadelphia Flyers are getting ready on Wednesday evening to begin their own quest for a championship. That is when the puck drops in Game 1 of their series against Sidney Crosby and the hated Pittsburgh Penguins.

And on Monday, they released a hype video of their very own that does a pretty damn good job of getting the blood pumping for fans of the Orange and Black.

Tell me you don’t want to watch some playoff hockey right now.

The video does a great job of recapping the entire season, including the now infamous 10-game losing streak. Remember that? When almost everyone wrote the Flyers off for dead and there was talk of trading team captain Claude Giroux?

When you consider how bad November was, it seems all the more stunning that this club is even in the postseason. They clawed and fought and won (most) of the games they had to and now here we are. On the cusp of yet another tournament to see who gets to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup into the air. And your Philadelphia Flyers are right in the thick of it.

It makes the new #EarnTomorrow hashtag the team has adopted a much better fit than #ClutchTime ever was.

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My one and only gripe? The Flyers couldn’t show Jakub Voracek a little love? The man had an 85-point season for the love of hockey. You couldn’t give him a bit of respect in the hype video? Really?

Get ready folks. Game 1 begins at at 7 PM in Pittsburgh.

Flyers playoff hockey is here.

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