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The Philly Special Becomes The Stuff Of Eagles Legend

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In a Super Bowl that will already go down in the history books, the Eagles made the Philly Special the play that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

The history of the Philadelphia Eagles is already filled with memorable and franchise-defining moments that live from generation to generation. The Miracle at the Meadowlands. Beating the Atlanta Falcons for the NFC Championship. 4th and 26. The list goes on and on.

And now, you can add the Philly Special to that list.

Picture it. Just over 30 seconds left in the first half of Super Bowl LII. The Eagles are up 15-12 and are on the New England Patriots’ one-yard line. It’s fourth and goal and you need to come away with a score to keep the greatest of all time Tom Brady at bay.

The Philly Special was the call.

Quarterback Nick Foles lines up under center before moving to the right side of the offensive line. Cory Clement then takes the snap and tosses it to tight end Trey Burton. Burton then throws a 1-yard touchdown pass to Foles, who paused at the line of scrimmage before darting into the end zone.

Eagles go into halftime with a 22-12 lead.

And the best part? New England had tried to run the same play earlier in the quarter only to see the ball slip out of Brady’s hands.

Foles became the only quarterback in Super Bowl history to both throw and catch a touchdown in NFL history and cemented his place in Eagles lore.

To say that it took guts for head coach Doug Pederson to go for a touchdown on 4th and goal and not take the easy way out by kicking a field goal is an understatement. Pederson had shown he was more than willing to roll the dice multiple times during the season, usually with positive results. “Aggressive” and “reckless” were the two words most used to describe his play calling.

But this was the Super Bowl. Against the Patriots.

Guts indeed.

But the legend of the Philly Special gets better. It turns out that it wasn’t Pederson who made the decision to try the trick play, but Foles.

That is what you call having ultimate faith in your players.

In the years to come, fans will talk about this Super Bowl for numerous reasons. The fact that the Birds finally brought the Lombardi Trophy to Philly for a trip down Broad Street. How Foles, a backup QB who almost quit football found himself named the Super Bowl MVP. The strange road for the franchise that began with Chip Kelly the led up to that point.

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And many will tell their children and grandchildren about the Philly Special. The play that probably helped to decide the game and made the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl champions.

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