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Molly Schuyler Wins Wing Bowl 26, Sets New Record

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Molly Schuyler is once again your Wing Bowl champion after setting a new record for the eating competition that has become a Philly tradition.

Talk to one hundred Philly residents and you’ll likely get one hundred different opinions about the grand spectacle that is Wing Bowl.

Some think it’s a disgusting display that puts a spotlight on everything bad folks have been saying about Philly sports fans for decades. Other look at it as a Philadelphia tradition that makes Super Bowl weekend something to look forward to even if the Eagles aren’t playing.

Regardless of what you may think, around these parts we think Wing Bowl has become part of the sports fabric of Philadelphia and we love every minute of it.

On Friday morning, Wing Bowl 26 got underway at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philly and it had all the staples that make Wing Bowl what it is. Ric Flair? Check. Strippers? Check. Wings? Check. Puke buckets? Check. Rowdy Eagles fans already drunk with the sunrise? Check.

And if you were lucky enough to attend the sold out event, you got to see Wing Bowl history be made.

Molly Schuyler won Wing Bowl 26 by breaking the 500 wing mark for the first time in the competition’s history. She devoured 501 wings in 30 minutes, eating 455 in two 14-minute rounds and then another 46 in the final two minute blitz. Tiger Wings and Things came in a distant second, eating just 396 wings.

Before Friday the closest anyone had gotten to the sacred 500 wing mark was Patrick Bertoletti, who ate 444 at Wing Bowl 23 back in 2015.

This marks the third time Schuyler has taken home Wing Bowl gold. The two previous times were at Wing Bowl 22 and Wing Bowl 24. Schuyler skipped Wing Bowl 25 last year and instead took part in the separate competition against wing eating legend Bill Simmons, aka El Wingador.

Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles making the Super Bowl, this year’s Wing Bowl also served as a massive pep rally for the game this Sunday. Given how big the competition has become, most forget that Wing Bowl was actually started by WIP morning talk-radio hosts Angelo Cataldi and Al Morganti as a way to make Eagles fans feel better for missing the big game year after year.

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There have been rumors for the past few years that Cataldi wants to bring the curtain down on Wing Bowl, but honestly most never see that happening. The annual eating showcase raises tons of money for local charities and as was mentioned before, it has permanently become a part of the sports landscape of Philadelphia.

Rest assured. Wing Bowl will be back in 2019 bigger and better than ever.

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