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Eagles Super Bowl Hype Video Is A Thing Of Beauty

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The Eagles have released their latest and possibly greatest hype video just before Super Bowl LII and it will send chills down your spine.

Over the last few seasons, the Philadelphia Eagles have elevated the hype video almost into an art form. Instead of just throwing together a bunch of video clips, an upbeat rock song and some hackneyed cliches, the Eagles instead use the opportunity to make something special for their fans.

Every hype video this season has made a statement about the team, the city they call home or how they play the game. And each one has been better than the last. Many thought the Birds simply couldn’t outdo the one they put together for the NFC championship game. It hit all the right notes and gave fans goosebumps every time they watched it.

You ain’t seen anything yet.

On Thursday the Eagles released the hype video for their date with the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LII.

And it will get you so excited you may need a moment to calm down before you watch it again.

Holy. Shit.

The video looks back not only at the amazing game against the Vikings, but the difficult road that this Eagles team had to follow all season long to get where they are. How almost everyone wrote them off and left them for dead. How after injury after injury after injury everyone thought the Birds were done.

Everyone but us.

Instead this team persevered, they overcame and they found ways to win behind a head coach that no one wanted to give a shot.

Philly’s own Bradley Cooper says it best:

“One game. One game. They love to say that it all comes down to one game. Really? They also said our season was over. They said this thing wouldn’t crack. They said we shouldn’t believe in old Saint Nick.

“One game. We’ve played plenty of games before. Fog Bowl. Snow Bowl. But there’s something different about this bowl. Because this isn’t about just moving the changes inch by inch. This is about moving the entire city to tears block by block. One game? For who? For the ones who line up next to us. The one who introduced this to us. For what? To bring. It. Home.

“This is so much more than one game. This is joy. This is pain. This is certifiably insane. One game is all we got. One game is all we need.”

I don’t think anyone could have said it better.

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Watch the video a few more times and prepare yourself. Because when the Eagles pull this off and prove everyone wrong once again, there is going to be a party in this city like it has never seen before.

One game. Get ready.

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