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Carson Wentz: “My goal is to be ready for Week 1”

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Speaking to reporters for the first time since being lost for the season, Carson Wentz revealed that his injury was actually worse than everyone thought.

Since Carson Wentz left the game against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 14 with a knee injury, he has remained silent for the most part. The reason was no doubt because he didn’t want the focus to be taken away from the amazing things the Philadelphia Eagles were doing on the field.

That’s just the kind of guy Carson Wentz is.

But on Friday, Wentz made himself available to reporters for the first time since his injury and dropped a few bombshells on the assembled press.

The first (and biggest) may be that the left knee injury was actually a lot worse than anyone originally thought. INJ addition to the ACL, Wentz also tore the LCL.

Wentz doesn’t know if the injury happened before of after the touchdown run against the Rams that was eventually called back, but he knew that something wasn’t right with his knee almost immediately.

When asked about his rehab and a timetable for his return, Wentz made it clear that while he doesn’t want to be too specific, the additional injury isn’t going to change his goal of being ready to go as soon as the 2018 season starts.

“I think, again, I’m very confident in talking with trainers and everything that the rehab schedule doesn’t change a whole lot. It’s just something we have to be careful with.

“I’m feeling confident with it and I said it in the video I posted right after the injury. I 100 percent believe I’ll be back better than ever, stronger than ever, with no looking back.

“My goal is to be ready for Week 1. I’m going to push and do everything I can to be ready. And I’m very confident in that.”

Wentz was also asked if he plans to change how he plays the quarterback position to avoid further injuries during his career, to which he flatly replied “No.” He then elaborated.

“I am who I am. Injuries happen. Injuries aren’t going to change me. Obviously you guys want to talk about, ‘are you learning to protect yourself?’ We talked about that all season long, and that will continue to grow and develop, but as far as playing aggressive and being the player that I am, I won’t change.”

As for how it feels to know the Eagles will be playing in the Super Bowl without him, Wentz talked about how his faith has helped him whether the worst of it and that yes, it does bother him at times.

“Every time the offense comes on the field on Sunday, it’s tough. It hits me a little bit. But then I’m in it. I love these guys and I’m a part of this team as much as anybody else. I get involved in the game and that kind of all goes away. Without a doubt, as humans, it just feels … it’s tough. It’s tough to not be out there, but I love watching these guys and I couldn’t be happier.”

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It remains to be seen if Wentz will be able to play when the 2018 season opens this September but it’s good to know that he is optimistic about his chances. In the meantime, he says he plans to “help in any way” to ensure the Birds bring a championship to Philadelphia.

The Eagles will face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII on Sunday, Feb. 4.

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