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Bud Light Will Uphold Promise Of Free Beer For Super Bowl Win

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Yes Philly, if the Philadelphia Eagles do win the Super Bowl, Bud Light will still provide free beer for the party that is going to follow.

As some of you may remember, way back in August before the 2017 NFL season really got underway, right tackle Lane Johnson said that if the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl, then the beer for the party is on him.

While a mighty nice gesture, there were two problems. First, how the hell could even Johnson afford that and second, the odds of the Birds making it to Minneapolis where the big game was going to be played were pretty high at that point in the season.

It’s now a little more than five months later and against seemingly impossible odds, the Eagles are NFC champions and will face the New England Patriots in two weeks in Super Bowl LII. The Birds did their part by opening a can of whoop ass on the Minnesota Vikings to the tune of a 38-7 final.

And as for Lane Johnson’s pledge of free beer? It would seem that is covered as well.

See, when word broke about Johnson’s promise to the people of Philly, Bud Light stepped up and said that if the Eagles did indeed win it all, they would cover the tab for the party.

Of course, promising something like that back in August is easy. Who would have thought that it might actually happen. Bud Light likely figured they’d get some great PR out of the deal and that would be the end of it.

Only now, things have gotten real very, very fast,

So the question remains: will Bud Light stand by their promise and provide free beer to the entire city of Philadelphia if the Birds win the Vince Lombardi Trophy?

It sure is looking that way.

CBS Philly recently reached out to Bud Light to see if they remembered the deal they had made with Johnson and to their credit, they do and are ready to make good on it.

“Bud Light has not forgotten about our commitment to Lane Johnson, the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia. We will be sharing plans soon, but in the interest of not jinxing the team ahead of their upcoming games, we are not going to unveil any plans at this time. We wish the Eagles the best of luck this weekend.”

And just because we can, let’s not forget the awesome “Philly! Philly!” commercial they produced for Championship Weekend.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You don’t drink Bud Light because you drink fancy microbrews or something and wouldn’t be caught dead drinking Bud Light.

Let me remind you of Rule No. 12 of the Unwritten Rules of Being a Dude:

“When offered a beer, accept even if it’s not “your brand”. Your favorite brand of beer is “free”. Your second favorite is “cold”.

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If Bud Light does provide free beer for an Eagles celebration party, you will drink it, you will enjoy it and you will be thankful.

Because if you’re drinking free Bud Light, that means the Philadelphia Eagles just won the Super Bowl.

And that is going to be one hell of a party.

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