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NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt Once Again Defends The Eagles

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Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football has once again come to the defense of the Eagles in another stirring rant.

You would have thought that after the Philadelphia Eagles overcame the odds and beat the Atlanta Falcons last Saturday, it would have resulted in them getting just a little respect. Maybe an apology or two from the folks who counted them out before the game even started.

Of course, that didn’t happen.

So when the Minnesota Vikings went and shocked the world by beating the New Orleans Saints thanks to a game-winning touchdown that was the result of a missed tackle more than anything else, Eagles fans fully expected the team to finally get their due. For them to go into the NFC championship game as the frontrunners and not the underdogs.

Alas, that didn’t happen either.

Once again, the Eagles go into a home playoff game as the underdogs. Apparently the Vegas odds makers and football analysts think that the Vikings and their No. 1 defense in the NFL are the better team and feel the Eagles don’t have a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl LII.

The Birds and their fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

And neither, apparently, would NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt.

As some may recall, Brandt went on a now legendary epic rant on Good Morning Football when the Eagles were named the underdogs against the Falcons. For over four minutes he goes off on the Falcons, the media and just about anyone who would dare to count Philly out. He compares them to Rocky (of course) and in the end was proven right.

And now Brandt has done it again.

On Wednesday morning, Brandt once again came to the defense of the Eagles and Philadelphia. He talks about how the Birds love being the underdogs and how it will do nothing but help them win. He also talks about how rooting for the Eagles is the American thing to do and how the Birds are not unlike the upstarts who founded this country. He also somehow manages to invoke the names of Allen Iverson, Brian Westbrook, Hall and Oats and Kevin Hart.

Yeah. WTF indeed.

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The ironic thing is this guy isn’t even from this area, he was born and raised in Illinois. But that really doesn’t matter. Brandt understands the Philly mindset, that the more you count us down and out the more we want to prove you wrong.

And it goes without saying that win or lose, Kyle Brandt probably won’t have to pay for a drink whenever he is in Philadelphia for the rest of his life.

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