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Nick Foles Should Play Entire Game Against Dallas

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There is no question Nick Foles needs more time under center as the starting QB, which is why he needs to play every down on Sunday.

Nick Foles is a good, solid quarterback, of that there is almost no argument. While he may never be mentioned in the same conversation as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, Foles is a QB who has shown he can get the job done when he has to.

No, the real issues many fans have with Foles and why so many jumped off the Philadelphia Eagles bandwagon as soon as Carson Wentz tore his ACL is that you never know which Nick Foles you’re going to get.

Against the New York Giants, Foles looked like he would pick up right where Wentz left off. He went 24 for 38 for a completion percentage of 63.2 and threw four touchdowns and no interceptions. It was an amazing performance that went a long was towards reassuring Eagles Nation that everything was going to be all right.

Then the following week against the Oakland Raiders, the bottom fell out.

Foles completed just half of his passes, going 19 for 39 and getting into the end zone just once in addition to throwing one interception. It was an ugly game that the defense had to win because the offense was stuck in neutral.

So with that in mind, which Nick Foles will we be getting this coming Sunday against the hated Dallas Cowboys?

The composed, in command Foles we saw against the Giants or the lost, in over his head Foles that played against the Raiders?

With the season finale now rendered meaningless, some would say it doesn’t matter. But if the Eagles want to play more than a single playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field this season, it matters a great deal.

Which is why Foles needs to play the entire game on Sunday. Every snap, every down.

From watching the game against Oakland, is obvious that Foles is still getting the hang of the offense. There are glaring timing issues and real questions if he has found a rhythm with the receivers. The more time he has to work with the offense, the better it will be for the Eagles chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

Even if head coach Doug Pederson pulls most of the starters after the first half, it would still be advantageous to keep Foles in the game. Let him work out any kinks and begin to feel really comfy out there. It could help him get into a groove that he can carry with him right into the postseason.

Sure, it’s going to be cold and yes, there is always the chance of injury. But if Foles doesn’t get the hang of the offense and feel comfortable running it, none of that will matter. The Birds will once again be one and done and all the hard work to get home field advantage and a bye will be meaningless.

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Let Foles rest during the bye. For now it is more important that he get as much playing time as possible so that the Eagles can make a serious run at the Super Bowl and prove that this team is more than just Carson Wentz. As hard as that is for some fans to believe.

Despite what Allen Iverson may think, sometimes it really is all about practice.

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