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Joel Embiid Reads Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel

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Does Joel Embiid have the IQ of a squirrel? Probably not, but Embiid address the issue on Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment.

And once again, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid proves to everyone just why he may be the best thing to happen to Philly sports in a very long time.

On Thursday night the 2017 NBA Finals began, featuring the Round 3 of the Cleveland Cavaliers/Golden State Warriors rivalry. Turns out Game 1 wasn’t much of an actual game, with the Warriors having their way with the Cavs to the tune of 113-91.

Of course, any self-respecting Sixers fans really doesn’t care too much about the NBA Finals. We have our collective sights set on the NBA Draft and pretty much nothing else. But one of the best parts of the Finals is Jimmy Kimmel and his pre-game show that airs in prime time and his NBA-focused Mean Tweets.

For those that may not be aware, Mean Tweets is where Kimmel finds actual tweets that say some pretty insulting things about celebrities and sports figures. He then has the subject of said tweet read them and we all get to watch their reaction.

Overall, it is pretty funny stuff, even if it does nothing to help the image that social media is only filled with trolls and idiots.

Anyway, for the first Mean Tweets of the Finals, Kimmel gathered quite a group of NBA royalty, including Karl Malone, Magic Johnson and lots of current NBA players and commentators.

One of whom was none other than Philly’s own Joel Embiid.

Embiid had the “honor” of reading the following tweet from the one and only E Diggy, which he unleashed on the world back in 2014.

Embiid’s reaction is pure magic. Go to the 1:35 mark to see for yourself.

I swear, I don’t even care if Joel Embiid turns out to be only half as talented and people think or ends up hurt and on the bench 20 games a year. He has to stay in Philly for no other reason than the sheer entertainment value he provides.

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I mean, we can only laugh at the Phillies so much before it just gets depressing.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals tips off Sunday, June 4 at the early time of 8 PM EST.

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