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NFL Draft: The Eagles Need To Take A Cornerback In The First Round

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Talk all you want about running backs and pass rushers, the Eagles need to draft a cornerback in the first round of the NFL Draft.

When it comes to the NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles have a solid history of being either incredibly average or flat out awful.

How else can you explain the likes of linebacker Marcus Smith in 2014? Or Danny Watkins pick in 2011 that will go down in infamy? Of course there have been the occasional good picks, like Fletcher Cox in 2012 and tackle Lane Johnson the following year.

But overall, the Eagles have been incredibly hit or miss when it comes to the draft, with the misses vastly outweighing the hits.

The Birds go into the NFL Draft on Thursday with a total of eight picks, but as we all know it is the first round pick that everyone cares about. After that the odds of finding a player that can have a lasting impact on your franchise becomes slimmer and slimmer.

Which is why it is so important the Eagles get the pick right this year.

Thankfully, the 2017 NFL Draft is overflowing with both cornerbacks and wide receivers, two positions the Eagles desperately need help at. Some are saying that this draft class is so deep that it is impossible for Eagles executive vice president Howie Roseman to screw it up.

To which I have two words: Danny. Watkins.

So how could Roseman possibly mess up what should be a relatively easy pick? Simple. By taking anything other than a corner with the No. 14 pick.

Mock drafts have seemingly been all over the place with what the Eagles should do with their first round pick. Some have them taking a running back, other a pass rusher. But the team is dangerously thin at cornerback and if they use the pick on anything else, then I will look at the 2017 NFL Draft as yet another failure for the Birds.

I’ll put it another way. Leodis McKelvin and Nolan Carroll, who were your starters last season, are both gone. Which means the Eagles have exactly one cornerback on the roster, 29-year-old Patrick Robinson who they signed in March. With free agency all but over, that means the Eagles will be likely starting two rookies at the corner positions.

If they decide for some reason to use their first round pick on anything other than a corner, with it being such a huge hole that needs to be filled, it may be time to pack it in.

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Roseman’s future with the franchise may be hinging on this pick. If he screws this up, it won’t matter how good quarterback Carson Wentz is down the road. Finding a franchise QB is easy. Surrounding him with the talent to win is what separates a good GM from the really great ones.

Sometimes the most obvious choice is the right one. In this case, the Eagles desperately need a cornerback and therefore should draft a cornerback with the No. 14 pick.

As long as Roseman doesn’t overthink it, he should be fine.

And if he does, I’m sure Danny Watkins can find him a job in the firehouse somewhere.

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