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Sarah Baicker Leaving CSN Philly

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Yet another on-air personality is leaving Comcast SportsNet Philly, this time former Breakfast on Broad co-host Sarah Baicker.

And the revolving door at Comcast SportsNet Philly continues to spin.

Over the last few months the sports network has seen an exodus of talent, some leaving on their own and others being told their services are no longer required. Neil Hartman, Leslie Gudel, Ron Burke and as recently last week Jillian Mele have all left the local sports network. It is said to be part of a larger “rebranding” of CSN with the goal of attracting more Millennials.

Why you would want to do that, I have no clue.

Anyway, the latest talent to decide to move on is former Breakfast on Broad personality Sarah Baicker.

Baicker, a mainstay of CSN’s Philadelphia Flyers coverage for almost a decade, announced her decision to move on in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

It broke my heart when Breakfast on Broad was canceled earlier this year. That show was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, and I worked with an amazing group of people who believed in what we were doing.

I learned of the show’s fate back on Jan. 31, and I’ve done *a lot* of thinking since then. That’s an understatement. But what has become clear to me in the weeks since is that it’s time to move on. CSN has been great to me, and great for me. I will miss a lot about this place — the people, the access, the crazy stuff only people who have worked in sports will understand. But it’s time to take a leap. So I’m gonna do that. Tomorrow’s Phillies postgame show will be the last time you’ll see me on CSN.

Baicker went on to say in addition to leaving CSN, she is also leaving Philadelphia. She is pulling up stakes and moving to New York, where it is rumored she already has a new gig lined up.

The loss of Baicker is a huge one for CSN. Baicker has forgotten more about the Flyers than most analysts will ever know and not having her wealth of Flyers knowledge on the network helping to cover the team will be difficult to replace.

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That said, since the cancellation of Breakfast on Broad, most of the on-air talent has been wasted. It was no surprise to anyone that Mele decided to bolt for a job at Fox News. Rob Ellis will always have radio to fall back on and why Barrett Brooks still has a job at all is a complete mystery to me.

With what’s happening at CSN Philly and the seeming lack of direction, maybe moving on is best for someone as talented as Baicker.

Philadelphia’s loss is New York’s gain and we wish Sarah Baicker nothing but the best. She was always a friend of the Philly Sports Cave and we’ll miss her.

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