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Closing Time: Breakfast On Broad Has Been Cancelled

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After less than two years, Comcast SportsNet has decided to pull the plug on their morning sports talk show Breakfast on Broad.

For Breakfast on Broad, the end has come.

Launched a little less than two years ago in April of 2015 as part of a revamp of the Comcast Network, Breakfast on Broad was an attempt at something new for Comcast SportsNet. Meant to be one part sports talk show, one part morning television gab fest, the show never seemed to click with viewers and will air its final episode this Friday.

The show’s four hosts – Jillian Mele, Rob Ellis, Sarah Baicker and Barrett Brooks – will remain with CSN Philly in a variety of capacities while the crew will either be reassigned or unfortunately, let go.

Comcast released a statement about the decision to cancel the show, saying:

“As the first local sports news program of its kind, Breakfast on Broad intended to better serve our viewers with more targeted sports programming across our platforms. After February 3rd, Breakfast on Broad will no longer be presented as a morning show. The hosts will remain with CSN Philadelphia, and our award-winning content will continue to engage Philly sports fans across multiple platforms. A special thank you to the entire crew from Breakfast on Broad for their dedication to trying new things, and providing viewers with entertaining and compelling content.”

The plan has been that if Breakfast on Broad worked that CSN would try to replicate the idea in other cities, including Chicago and Boston. Of course, with the plug being pulled on the show, that idea is all but dead in the water.

While Breakfast on Broad was enjoyable most of the time, it never really became the type of show anyone got very excited about. While Ellis and Baicker are very knowledgable about Philly sports, Mele was way too vanilla and Brooks, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles for all of five minutes, was more talk than substance.

But like it or not, you can’t deny that seeing former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly riding his bike to the NovaCare Complex was pretty awesome.

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The cancellation of BoB is yet another shake-up for CSN Philly, which has seen several of their longtime on-air personalities leave, get fired or not have their contracts renewed. From my perspective, it seems like the network is at a crossroads and needs some solid direction to become something other than the channel that airs the Sixers, Phillies and Flyers games.

But for now, the free coffee refills are over for the crew of Breakfast on Broad.

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