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The Best Quotes From Sixers Media Day

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Sixers Media Day


On Monday the organization held their annual Sixers Media Day and here are some of the most important quotes from the event.

Before training camp gets underway each year, the Philadelphia 76ers hold Media Day, where players get asked questions about the upcoming season. What follows are some of the best, most important quotes from what turned out to be a very active day at the Sixers brand new Training Complex.

T.J. McConnell

Joel Embiid has been flat out dominant in scrimmages”

It almost goes without saying that this is huge for the Sixers. If Embiid recovers well and is the player everyone thought he could be before the draft, the Sixers will be in great position.

Nerlens Noel

“I don’t see a way of it working… We’ve got three centers capable of playing 30+ minutes a night.”

This is probably the most important quote from today. Noel is clearly unhappy with the current situation. Earlier in the offseason he changed his Twitter avatar to a black screen and tweeted about how he loves his home city of Boston. He also can not be happy with how regularly his name has been thrown around in trade talks. Most likely, either him or Jahlil Okafor has to go.

The two players have contrasting play styles. Okafor is an old school center who plays 1-on-1 with his back to the basket and scores with volume. Noel is a defensive specialist and his athleticism makes him great cutting to the basket in a pick and roll. Noel fits the new wave “Small Ball” NBA very well. Okafor is a major defensive liability, his slow lateral quickness makes him easy to take off the dribble. On the other hand, Noel thrives on defense, especially in the paint where he has evolved into a consistent rim protector. However, on offense Noel struggles. His inability to shoot and post up leaves him with almost no options.

Obviously neither of these players are perfect and come with their strengths and weaknesses.

Joel Embiid

“I’m going to have a 20 year career…I watch my own college YouTube highlights everyday…If somebody teaches me the point guard position, I feel like I’d be able to (play it)…You’ve got to trust the process”

More incredibly inspiring and hilarious quotes from the most self aware player in the league.

More Sixers: Nerlens Noel Isn’t Happy And Who Can Blame Him?

Jahlil Okafor (on the center situation)

“We have a lot of talent, and that’s never a bad thing…I’m not worried”

A standard media day type answer. There is almost no chance Okafor is okay with the issue at center. All of these players are good NBA talents and none of them want to sit on the bench with two other guys also playing their position.

However, I would rather hear this type of answer than Noel’s.

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