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Jon Dorenbos Comes In Third On America’s Got Talent

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Jon Dorenbos


Eagles’ long snapper Jon Dorenbos saw his magical run on America’s Got Talent come to an end last night with a third place finish.

I really thought Jon Dorenbos was going to win it all.

Watching America’s Got Talent on Wednesday night, I honestly thought Dorenbos had this one in the bag. Yes, 12-year-old ukelele-playing Grace VanderWaal is adorable and was the frontrunner from the moment she opened her mouth during her first audition.

But Dorenbos had the power of Eagles Nation behind him! It seemed like all of Philadelphia was cheering him on. We all wanted nothing more than for the longtime Philadelphia Eagles long snapper to take home the $1 million grand prize and win the show performing in Las Vegas.

Especially after his final magic trick. I don’t know about anyone else, but this one put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.

Dorenbos long ago proved how good a football player he is. You don’t remain a part of the Eagles organization through the end of the Andy Reid era, the tumultuous Chip Kelly years and then become part of the team’s rebirth under Doug Pederson without knowing your stuff.

But I was surprised just how good a magician Dorenbos is. I knew he did card tricks and stuff, but on America’s Got Talent he really showed just what he could do and how skilled he is, and it was pretty damn impressive.

The trick that really blew me away and made my jaw drop was in Dorenbos’ second appearance. It was so good, it convinced guest judge Ne-yo to give him the coveted Golden Buzzer.

It was an amazing run and made for a very entertaining summer.

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And don’t worry about Jon Dorenbos. He may have come in third place but you can be sure that one of the casinos in Vegas are already talking about giving him a show. Don’t be shocked if you see him there in a few short years, playing in front of sellout crowds.

Because while Dorenbos may be great at playing football, his true talents are being wasted on the gridiron.

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