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What’s Up With Odubel Herrera?

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Odubel Herrera

Yong Kim/Philly.com

Odubel Herrera started the season strong but has fallen into a slump. What is up with him and should Phillies fans be concerned?

Earlier this season I wrote an article on how I thought Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera deserved to be the teams’ leadoff hitter. From all indications it seemed like he was going to be able to carry his 2015 offense into this year. However, it seems as if his season has come to a halt as he appears to be in an end of the season slump.

Herrera started off the season strong. Before the All-Star break he was hitting .294. In 330 at-bats he produced 97 hits, 33 RBI, and 10 home runs. Because of his strong first half of the season, Herrera was the only player to represent the Phillies at the MLB All-Star Game. He has struggled offensively ever since. Players who participate in the Home Run Derby have been known to have slumps the second half of the season but I haven’t heard of  that happening to those who participate in the actual All-Star Game.

Post All-Star Herrera is hitting .247. With 186 at-bats, he has produced 46 hits, just nine RBI, and only three homeruns. The average may not seem like a big deal however, we are almost halfway through September and Herrera only has an average of .194. He has just six hits, with no RBI and nine strikeouts. Something is definitely up as he has seen the bench multiple times.

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Sure, the Phillies do not have a chance at making the playoffs this season but you want to see players succeed and be the player you thought they were.

Is Herrera not the player we thought he was? Can he bounce back? Will he be a starter in 2017? We will have to wait and see. For now we will just have to see if he can finish the season the way he started it: strong.

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