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Breakfast On Broad Gets a New Time Slot, Adds Brandon Graham

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Breakfast on Broad

Comcast’s Breakfast on Broad is moving to new time and adding defensive end Brandon Graham as they gear up for a new season of Eagles football.

While no one will ever mistake it for SportsCenter, there are far worse ways to spend your mornings than with the crew from Comcast’s Breakfast on Broad.

Since it made its debut last spring, the show has slowly found its groove with Rob Ellis, Sarah Baicker, Jillian Mele and Barrett Brooks each bringing something unique to the table. It has a very Philly feeling, which is not something you can say about other shows that cover Philadelphia sports.

But where Breakfast on Broad really shines is when the Philadelphia Eagles begin their season. At that point, it is nothing but two hours of non-stop Birds talk. What’s nice is that you get Eagles coverage from all angles, including what’s going on in social media and what may have happened while you were sleeping.

That may be why Comcast has decided to make a few small changes to the show, starting with when it will be airing on The Comcast Network.

The show announced Wednesday that starting Monday, September 12, the day after the Eagles season opener, the show will air an hour later from 7 AM until 9 AM. While I’m sure the hosts are very happy about an extra hour of sleep, it will also be nice that you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to see the show.

Additionally, they also announced a new co-host in the form of Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham. Graham will be joining the show every Tuesday morning to give an insiders perspective on what happens during and after the Eagles play each week.

Graham joins former Eagle Seth Joyner and Ray Didinger, a man who has forgotten more about the franchise than anyone can ever hope to know, to complete Breakfast on Broad’s Eagles coverage for the 2016 season.

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This of course is in addition to the ridiculous amount of Eagles reporting that CSN Philly and CSN already provides.

You can catch Breakfast on Broad weekdays at 7 AM on The Comcast Network, a replay at 11 AM on Comcast SportsNet and watch online at Breakfast on

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