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Ryan Howard’s Final Month: Why He Deserves to Play

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Ryan Howard

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Ryan Howard is entering his final month in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform. Both he and the fans deserve to be able to watch him play one more time.

First baseman Ryan Howard is playing his last month in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform. Besides Jim Thome, he is the first baseman that I grew up with, loved to watch, and always cheered on. Now entering his final month of play, it seems like the Phillies are starting to phase him out by starting Tommy Joseph more frequently. However, Howard has given a lot to this team throughout the years and I believe that he deserves to start and go out strong in a Phillies uniform.

The Phillies are 19 games out of first place in the National League East and 11.5 games out of a wild card spot.  With no chance at making the playoffs, why can’t Howard start every game?

Howard may only have a season average of .196 but for the month of August he hit .315 with 16 hits, six of those being home runs. For the month of August Joseph only hit .211 with 12 hits and three home runs. That may not seem like a big difference, but it’s Howard’s last month. If he is hitting well he deserves to be in the lineup. Joseph will have all of next season to show the fans what he is capable of.

Howard’s legacy in Philadelphia is not only his power but him being part of the 2008 World Series team. With the trade of Carlos Ruiz, he is the last Phillie from that squad. After he is gone there will be no one left. The fans deserve their final taste of that very special time in Phillies history.

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Howard has been a fan favorite, although in recent years he may have heard more boos than cheers. He brought excitement to the team with hitting 40+ home runs in four of his seasons here. He made a great duo with Chase Utley and also learned how to become a team leader. He has become a mentor to many.

It will be hard to say goodbye as Howard has done a lot for the Phillies over the years. The least the team can do is allow him to play and enjoy his final month in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform and allow the fans to enjoy his presence one last time.

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