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Carson Wentz Is Your New Philadelphia Eagles Starting QB

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Carson Wentz

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In his first press conference after the Sam Bradford trade, Doug Pederson announced that the Carson Wentz era has officially begun.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spent almost all his time during training camp and the preseason telling everyone that rookie Carson Wentz will be the third quarterback on the depth chart when the season starts on September 11.

And we all had no reason to doubt him. With Sam Bradford as the starter and Chase Daniel the designated clipboard holder, it made perfect sense. Sure, we all want to see Wentz play, but giving him time to grow and learn made more sense than throwing him to the wolves too soon.

It’s funny just how fast things can change.

Days after Howie Roseman sent Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings for a 2017 first round pick and a 2018 fourth round pick, Pederson made the announcement that Wentz will be the starter when the season opens this coming Sunday.

Pederson dropped the bombshell news during a press conference where he said that the entire staff feels that Wentz is ready.

“Obviously we made this decision and I spent over the weekend with my offensive staff, with Frank (Reich) with (John) DeFilippo and really the whole staff. And everybody feels this kid is ready to go. We drafted him to take the reigns and it’s something now that we’re prepared to do and looking forward to Cleveland.”

So the question remains: is Carson Wentz ready to be a starter in the NFL?

Honestly the answer really doesn’t matter all that much.

No matter how much Eagles fans want to believe otherwise, the 2016 season is a rebuilding year. Sure we may be able to win the sad excuse that is the NFC East, but there is just no way this roster is going to win a Super Bowl. That is the ultimate goal and it’s not happing with the offensive line and receiving corps as it is currently built.

So of that is the case, why not let Wentz learn by doing? Sitting on the sideline may keep him injury free and assist him to really understand the playbook, but there is nothing like actual experience to help someone learn the ins and outs of being a pro quarterback.

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Let Wentz get all his growing pains out of the way while the team is still rebuilding. That way when the roster has more talent and winning a Super Bowl can realistically happen, Wentz will be ready.

Plus, and let’s be honest here, does anyone really want to see Chase Daniel as the starter after the horrible preseason he had?

The Carson Wentz era of Philadelphia Eagles football begins this Sunday when the Eagles take on the Cleveland Browns.

Personally, I can’t wait.

1 thought on “Carson Wentz Is Your New Philadelphia Eagles Starting QB

  1. Went put out a performance tonight that resembled that of a seasoned NFL veteran.. Incredible throwing accuracy, superior pocket awareness and clock management. With 2 TD’s and 278 passing yards, it would difficult have had a better first outing in the NFL. Here’s hoping his career lives up to this first outing.

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