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The Eagles Are Paying Chase Daniel How Much?

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Chase Daniel

Jeff Fusco/Philadelphia Magazine

After a horrendous Eagles debut for QB Chase Daniel, you have to wonder if signing him to a three-year deal was a huge mistake.

On Thursday, quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz both made their debut in front of the Eagles faithful in the team’s preseason opener. However, while Wentz had a great game that showed a lot of promise for the future, Daniel just has everyone wondering why the team is paying him so much money.

This offseason, the Eagles signed Daniel to a three-year deal worth $21 million. The thought being that since he played under new head coach Doug Pederson in Kansas City, he would be a solid backup to starter Sam Bradford. In addition, he could help teach Wentz the basics of the West Coast offense that Pederson plans to use.

Instead, it looks like all Daniel can teach Wentz is how to get sacked and how to embarrass yourself in front of Eagles Nation.

Daniel played almost the entire first half and completed only four out of 10 attempts for a truly pathetic 15 yards. And when you subtract the three yards Daniel ran for a touchdown, that means Daniel produced only 12 yards of offense.

Twelve yards.

I honestly didn’t know that was possible, even in preseason.

Daniel spent most of his time on the field looking confused and intimidated. He never even tried to go deep and most of his passes lacked any kind of energy. It seemed like when he wasn’t handing the ball off, he was on his back looking up at the sky.

By comparison Wentz, a rookie in his first NFL game, went 12-for-24 for 89 yards and an interception. And while that might not seem impressive, when compared to what Daniel did, it’s downright amazing.

And the most shocking part? Daniel is our number two quarterback.

Now, it should be noted that the Eagles offensive line is a wreck. left tackle Jason Peters didn’t play due to injury, right tackle Lane Johnson is still waiting to see if he will face a 10 game suspension for PEDs and the second-team offensive line didn’t impress anyone. If the Johnson does get suspended and Peters gets hurt again, it could be a long, painful season for Bradford.

But regardless, Daniel supposedly knows the system. He knows how to run Pederson’s offense better than anyone currently on the team. He should have been able to play better and show that he is worth at least some of that $21 million.

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Because right now? I think every Eagles fan would love to have that $21 million back and be able to use it to sign some offensive linemen.

Towards the end of the second quarter, the fans in Lincoln Financial Field began chanting “We want Wentz! We want Wentz!”

They got what they wanted as Wentz went in just before the second quarter came to a close.

If Bradford gets hurt and Chase Daniel becomes the starter, you can expect those chants to get louder and louder by the week.

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