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Carson Wentz Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet

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Carson Wentz

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Eagles rookie QB Carson Wentz came away from his first practice at Lincoln Financial Field pretty impressed. Someone should warn him what’s to come.

Ever since the Philadelphia Eagles decided to stop holding training camp at Lehigh University and moved it to the NovaCare Complex, one of the highlights are the open practices at Lincoln Financial Field. It is one of the only times during training camp that the fans get a chance to see how the team is shaping up and get a good look at the rookies and returning vets.

This past Sunday was the first of the two open practices for this year and one player was on every fan’s mind as the Birds took the field.

The chants of “We want Wentz!” were already echoing through the Linc as rookie quarterback Carson Wentz stepped onto the grass for the first time.

Getting to see Wentz in action was far and away the biggest reason most Eagles fans attended the open practice. Unlike last year, when Chip Kelly remade the roster after blowing it up with a case of C-4, this offseason was low on drama so training camp doesn’t have near the allure it once did.

However, that doesn’t mean Wentz didn’t come away impressed as hell with Eagles Nation.

“It’s exciting, without a doubt. I was a little surprised, to be honest, with how many people were here for a practice. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I guess I’m getting used to the craziness that this place is. It’s pretty special, pretty cool.”


If Wentz was taken aback by over 18,276 screaming fans showing up for a glorified practice, someone should really warn him that he ain’t seen nothing yet.

To put it in perspective, the North Dakota State football stadium holds about 19,000 people. Which means Wentz just had a team practice in front of as many people as might have shown up to watch him play in in any given game as a Bison.

How do you think he’s going to react when he steps foot in the Linc when it is sold out in October with over 70,000 Eagles fans screaming their collective heads off?

Or if starting QB Sam Bradford starts to struggle and every Eagles fan in the stadium and at home starts yelling for head coach Doug Pederson to put Wentz in?

Or maybe on New Year’s Day, when the Eagles will be playing the hated Cowboys and the fact there is a distinct possibility that the NFC East title could be on the line?

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Like I said, someone should really warn Wentz that an open practice at the Linc is only the tip of the iceberg of the craziness he is going to witness.

Fortunately, Wentz has time to ease into the culture of Eagles Nation. He isn’t expected to do much this season but hold a clipboard and warm the bench, so acclimating himself to what exactly goes on in this city on game day shouldn’t be an issue.

But once Wentz becomes the starter, well, that’s a whole different kind of insane he is going to have to come to terms with.

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