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Should Odubel Herrera Leadoff For The Phillies?

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Odubel Herrera

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Galvis and Hernandez have not been productive in the leadoff spot thus far for the Phillies this season. Should Odubel Herrera take over?

The Philadelphia Phillies management hasn’t had to decide on a leadoff hitter for quite some time as that role always belonged to former Phillie Jimmy Rollins. With Rollins gone, the team needs someone to take over. Manager Pete Mackanin has been experimenting with Freddy Galvis and Caesar Hernandez. Should either permanently get the spot?

Both Galvis and Hernandez have had leadoff experience last season. Both of them produced nine RBIs and both had an average over .230. And both had their share of strikeouts. During the 2015 season there was equal competition and in the early stages of the 2016 season, it seems as if these two are equal again. However, the numbers are not impressive.

Hernandez has led off six games so far this season. In those six games Hernandez has a .130 average with only three hits. He has managed to strike out seven times.

Galvis may have a higher average and two RBIs but still has not been very impressive. In eight lead off appearances Galvis has a .176 average. He only has six hits in the lead off position with seven strikeouts.

The leadoff hitter is supposed to be getting on base, stealing to get into scoring position, and scoring runs. Between Galvis and Hernandez, they have stolen just once when in the leadoff position and have only scored two runs. Someone new has to step in, but who?

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Some have suggested Odubel Herrera. He has been first in the lineup four games this season with sixteen at bats. He has a .375 average in the leadoff position with six hits. Six of those hits led to three RBIs. He also has been patient with pitches as he has walked three times and has also stolen two bases. He seems to be the productive and smart choice.

Leading off is a tough role. Your job is to get on base and give your team a chance to score. That is exactly what Odubel Herrea has been doing. I think the Philadelphia Phillies may have found their leadoff man.

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