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Lou Nolan: The Classiest PA Announcer Around

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Lou Nolan


Lou Nolan not only showed the city of Philadelphia how to be classy but showed his dedication towards the Philadelphia Flyers.

When you go to a Philadelphia Flyers game you immediately feel at home. Why? The voice of PA announcer Lou Nolan. You have been hearing his voice since the 1972-73 season and his most famous words are “And the Flyers are going on the PECO power play”. Now, he will be known for another reason. A reason that shows his true passion towards the Philadelphia Flyers.

Monday was the first Philadelphia Flyers home game since the passing of founder and owner Ed Snider. Before the game there was a very well done pre-game tribute. Along with a video, each fan had a bracelet waiting for them at their seat. The bracelets were used in a synchronized light show, which was an awesome sight to see.

Fast forward to the third period. The Flyers are trailing the Capitals and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare hit Capitals player Dmitry Orlov from behind. This hit was not only a five-minute penalty but a game misconduct as well. Fans were beyond frustrated. So frustrated that they began throwing their bracelets onto the ice. Yes, those same bracelets that were used in the pre-game ceremony to honor Ed Snider.

Lou Nolan took to his mic and said what needed to be said. His exact words were “have some class” and to stop throwing the bracelets. Even when the Flyers were threatened with a delay of game penalty those fans wouldn’t stop, therefore the penalty happened. Nolan congratulated the fans sarcastically by saying “way to go”, leading those ignorant fans to cheer.

Those fans may be the highlight of most of the news stories and have given yet another reason for Philadelphia to have a bad reputation but Nolan is the real story. He wasn’t afraid to raise his voice to the fans or even punish them, although it was the team that suffered. He stood up for the team, the city of Philadelphia, and Ed Snider. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

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Lou Nolan is the voice of the Philadelphia Flyers. Fans should have known better not to mess with him. He may now be known for raising his voice but will also be known for showing the city of Philadelphia how to be classy.

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