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2016 NFL Draft: Eagles Trading Up To No. 2 Makes Perfect Sense

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Howie Roseman

AP Photo/Michael Conroy

If the Philadelphia Eagles want to get better over the long-term, the trade to move up in the 2016 NFL Draft was the right one.

On Wednesday, Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles pulled the trigger on a deal with the Cleveland Browns to move up in the 2016 NFL Draft. The deal puts the Eagles in position to grab one of the two franchise quarterbacks in the draft class, Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State or California’s Jared Goff.

There is already much debate of this was the right move for the Eagles to make and if it will pay dividends considering the amount of picks the team had to give up. Roseman said during the press conference announcing the trade that the team is fine with either QB and that if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have made the move up to No. 2.

Roseman also stated that Sam Bradford is still the Eagles starting quarterback and that isn’t going to change.

Until it does.

This is the breakdown of who gets what and how it impacts the next few drafts for the Eagles.

2016 NFL Draft

Let me make this clear: this was the right thing for Roseman and the Eagles to do, without question. Bradford is not the Eagles long-term solution at QB and was never going to be. If he was, they would have locked him up for longer than the two years of his current contract.

Bradford is a stopgap, nothing more.

The Eagles backup QB, Chase Daniel, has worked with head coach Doug Pederson while he was in Kansas City and knows the system Pederson plans to use. While Bradford plays starter for a couple of years, Daniel can teach the rookie the system and then watch as he takes over.

Or, as some have already speculated, the Eagles could use Bradford as a trading chip to get back some of the picks they had to give up and have Daniel be the starter until the new guy is ready. Who knows, if Bradford plays well enough, the Birds could get back into the first-round in 2017.

Regardless of what happens to Bradford, this was the smart move for the Eagles to make. Franchise quarterbacks don’t come along every year and to now have the chance to draft one is a great opportunity for this team and its future.

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Are Wentz and Goff overrated? Maybe, but they are still better than any QB options that will be entering the draft in the next few years, when the Eagles will need one the most. Better to do the deal now and take the chance then to wait and hope someone falls into your lap.

Howie Roseman made a lot of bold moves this offseason, but this is his biggest yet by far. And it could be the one that sends the Eagles back to the postseason on a regular basis and maybe even a Super Bowl.

The last time the Eagles picked at No. 2, they choseĀ Donovan McNabb and I think that worked out pretty well.

Let’s see if it can happen again.

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