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No Schmitter At Citizens Bank Park This Season

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The Schmitter

The iconic Schmitter, a favorite of anyone who visits Citizens Bank Park for a Phillies game, will not be available at the ballpark this season, possibly longer.

Say it ain’t so!

It’s bad enough that the Phillies look to be just as terrible as advertised and could lose 100 games this season, something they narrowly avoided In 2015. Bad enough that this will likely be Ryan Howard’s last season with the Phillies and it won’t be anything to get excited about. Bad enough that a wrong call on a confusing play may have helped to cause the Phillies to lose their home opener, something they are getting very good at.

But now you’re going to tell me that if I go to Citizens Bank Park for a ballgame, I won’t be able to get a Schmitter?


Available since the day CBP opened in 2004, the Schmitter has become the sandwich to enjoy at the ballpark and something everyone should try at least once in their lives.

The Scmitter itself is an amazing mix of ingredients that could only come from Philadelphia. Thin-sliced roast beef, Hatfield salami, Kraft American cheese, tomato, onions, a secret sauce that includes ketchup, relish, and Worcestershire sauce all lovingly piled on a kaiser roll from Conshohocken Bakery.

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

So imagine the shock of Schmitter fans all over Philly when the following tweet went out from the home of the Scmitter, McNally’s Tavern:

What the what?!?

Michael Klein from did some digging and It turns out that in order to properly construct a Schmitter, the crew that runs the concessions for McNally’s at Citizens Bank Park needs a full kitchen setup. When Aramark moved the location in 2013 to an open-air field-kitchen setup, the quality of the sandwich suffered and the result is that Joe Pie, who runs the concession for McNally’s, decided to pull the plug rather than sell and inferior sandwich that doesn’t meet his quality standards.

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Both Aramark and Pie are hopeful that the Schmitter will make a comeback in the future, but for now if you go to a Phillies game it will be a Schmitter-less experience.

Almost makes going to a Phillies game this year not even worth the time.

Oh well. We’ll always have the crab fries.

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