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DeMarco Murray Is Gone… And Will Be Forgotten

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DeMarco Murray

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As he continues to wash the Chip Kelly stink off himself, Howie Roseman has dealt DeMarco Murray. The question is, what will he do now?

Well, this is what happens when you bring a Dallas Cowboy to Philly.

After a tumultuous season, Howie Roseman and the Eagles have traded DeMarco Murray to the Tennessee Titans. The trade will be made official at 4:00 PM Wednesday. Compensation for Murray will be discovered then.

Murray is not the only Chip Kelly disaster to go In fact, Roseman is more or less trying to cut ties with the Kelly bunch, save for quarterback Sam Bradford. In a package deal to Miami, Roseman has sent underachieving and grossly overpaid corner Byron Maxwell and often injured linebacker Kiko Alonso.

If Roseman can get more than an autographed picture of Dan Marino from the Dolphins for the salary cap anchor Maxwell and Mr. Glass himself Alonso, then Eagles fans should be ecstatic.

It would be so nice to get that second-round pick that Kelly sent to St. Louis with Nick Foles to acquire Bradford last season, but I’m not sure Roseman is savvy enough, or Tennessee and Miami are incompetent enough to send a valuable pick to the Eagles.

This is not a rebuild, though, it is a cleanse.

Maxwell was horrific on the field, Alonso couldn’t get on the field, and Murray, well, let’s talk about Murray.

There was essentially only one moment that really stood out from DeMarco Murray this season, and it should come as no surprise that it came after Chip Kelly had been fired.

In the final game of the season, Murray took his first handoff 54 yards to the house. Interim coach Pat Shurmur had Bradford under center as opposed to in the shotgun as Chipper had him in most of the time. If Kelly had budged just a little bit, and maybe worked to accommodate Murray, things could look very differently in Philly right now.

Kelly, was not one to ever budge, though, so here we are. Let’s look at how the Murray trade in particular will affect the Eagles in the upcoming season.

It’s odd that many reports stated Ryan Matthews was originally being dangled as a trade piece before Murray was dealt, but this could have simply been a scenario where new head coach Doug Pederson just didn’t want too many cooks in the kitchen, and I don’t blame him.

Matthews was easily the best back for the Eagles last season. He missed three games due to injury, which is still about five games shy of how many most people predicted he’d miss as his injury history reads like a boring text book. While healthy, though, he showed a blend of size and speed that is increasingly hard to come by, and I’m tempted to write if he can stay healthy he could do big things, but I won’t.

As the sucker in your fantasy league who drafts him every year knows, he’s not going to get you 16 games.

The good news is, Darren Sproles is still around. He’s a year older, sure, but he’s being thrown into a system that could render a monster year. The bottom line is things could be worse than having Matthews and Sproles in your backfield.

What us the fans, Howie Roseman, and Doug Pederson will soon find out, is could they be better with number 29 still in Eagle green? Probably not. Murray or Matthews, at this point, in Pederson’s system are basically interchangeable. Neither would have set the world on fire, both would have been serviceable.

Running back is not where my concerns lie with the Eagles though, and while I’m glad Murray got his wish to leave, what the return on his trade becomes, be it a free agent they now have money for or a few draft picks, is what I’m most concerned with.

This team has holes to fill, Trading Murray, Maxwell and Alonso will give Roseman some wiggle room to fill them, and fans won’t be found missing them when the season rolls around.

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