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Philadelphia Eagles Are A Lock To Win On Thanksgiving

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Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Kubel/The Morning Call

The Philadelphia Eagles are a mess but that doesn’t change the fact that the team is an NFL-best 6-0 in Thanksgiving Day games or the fact that 7-0 will come this year against the Detroit Lions.

Make no mistake, the Eagles are not a good football team. They have two quarterbacks, neither one of them very good, a running back who is falling into the 1,000-yard the prior year curse and is essentially damaged goods, an O-Line that has more holes than swiss cheese, a defense that made Jameis Winston look like the MVP, another running back who is unhappy with his lack of carries, another running back who still isn’t cleared to get back on the field, at least three wide receivers who can’t seem to hold onto the ball, that is when they actually free up enough for one of those mediocre quarterbacks to throw it to them and a head coach who might as well be the next Nick Saban or Steve Spurrier.

But for all of the team’s flaws, their many, many flaws, the Eagles are still in the conversation. Actually, that’s not accurate because at 4-6, Philly is just one game back of the New York Giants for first place in the trashcan, er, I mean NFC East. They are more than just in the conversation and come Thursday, the way the schedule works out, a tie for first place in that dumpster is definitely out there for the taking.

In order for that to happen however, the Eagles have to actually manage to win a game, something they have proven incapable of for each of the past two weeks, despite having easier match-ups than anyone else in their division. The Eagles played and lost to the then (3-5) Miami Dolphins and then (4-5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers while the Giants got to tangle with the undefeated New England Patriots, the Washington Redskins with the undefeated Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys with the disaster that was the Brandon Weeden/Matt Cassel era.

Yeah, the Eagles schedule was S-O-F-T. And they get one more easy win or at least one that should be, against the (3-7) and very much mathematically eliminated Lions.

This will be the 74th Thanksgiving day game for the Lions, who have played in almost every single game since the tradition began. In these games, the Lions are 35-38. Meanwhile and admittedly in a much smaller sample size, the Eagles are 6-0.

Not only have the Eagles won each of their games but they have done so by outscoring their opponents by a whopping 100 points. In the six games, the Eagles have three shut-outs including one against the Lions. Also, if you were to subtract the team’s first game in which they defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates (yes, you’re reading that right) by just three, Philly has blown out their opponents in each of the remaining five.

1940 – Philadelphia Eagles vs Pittsburgh Steelers 7-0
1968 – Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions 12-0
1989 – Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys 27-0
2008 – Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals 48-20
2014 – Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys 33-10

There’s something to be said for records like this because not all of those Eagles teams were good, but just like the post bye week winning streak under Andy Reid, this one is destined to continue. Philadelphia has had an uncommon dominance when it comes to playing before the turkey and fixings have been served.

So no matter how bad the team looks or the fact that the Lions are finally healthy and on a bit of a winning streak of their own, no matter if its Mark Sanchez not seeing open receivers or Sam Bradford‘s receivers unable to hold onto the ball, no matter if the defense continues to run around like chickens without heads or if Caleb Sturgis returns to missing field goals, the Eagles will not lose on Thanksgiving.

And yes, you can if you are a betting person, take that one to the bank.

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