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If The Titans Want Chip Kelly, They Can Have Him

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Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

Mark L. Baer/USA Today Sports

I am officially over Chip Kelly.

I’ve had it with rebuilt rosters and schemes and culture and having to listen to Kelly go on and on after loses that this Philadelphia Eagles roster is good and can compete at a high level. I’m over him saying, somehow with a straight face, that he believes QB Sam Bradford has played well so far this season.

The man is either delusional, an idiot or maybe a bit of both.

Kelly won 10 games and went to the postseason during his first year as the Eagles head coach by riding a roster that had been largely built by his predecessor, Andy Reid. He then won another 10 games during his sophomore campaign but failed to make the playoffs due a massive collapse towards the end of the 2014 season.

After that, Kelly won an internal power struggle with former GM Howie Roseman during the offseason and was given the keys to the kingdom. He used his newfound power to completely rip apart and then rebuild the Eagles roster with players who were a) cheaper, b) didn’t argue with him and c) bought into his mantra that scheme is more important than talent.

Part of that overhaul was the acquisition of Bradford from the St. Louis Rams. According to Kelly, this was the Eagles quarterback of the future. This was the important piece that had been missing last year. This was the player that would lead Philadelphia to the promised land of a Super Bowl victory.

Only it hasn’t worked out that way.

The Eagles are 3-4 and haven’t looked like a team capable of winning a playoff game, much less a Super Bowl. Fans are clinging to the belief that the Eagles can still win the NFC East (which my grandmother and some of her friends could probably do the way the entire division has played this year) and somehow that will mean a trip to the postseason and a victory.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Bradford is a joke of a QB and has yet to look effective or even comfortable in the Eagles offense. The much-hyped players Kelly brought in to replace the departed and unwanted have not been nearly as good as advertised and the vaunted “Kelly offensive scheme” has apparently been figured out by the entire NFL, most of the NBA, the guys who run my fantasy football league and my sister, who is a Steelers fan.

So if the Tennessee Titans want to make the Eagles an offer so they can reunite Kelly and his prized Oregon QB Marcus Mariota, I say do the deal.

That way Kelly gets to coach Mariota, the Eagles get a bunch of draft picks to start fixing this disaster of a roster that will take years to rebuild, and Philadelphia doesn’t have to listen to Kelly go on and on anymore how “good” his team is when it is blindingly obvious that they are a lot of things, but “good” is not one of them.

Despite what the media may say, the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles season is effectively over. Nine games or 900, it’s not going to change the fact that making Kelly the GM as well as head coach was a huge mistake that is going to set this franchise back at least five years. There will be no Super Bowl this year, or next year, or the year after that.

Not as long as Chip Kelly is running the show.

If Tennessee really wants him, I say let them have him and good riddance.

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