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Is Chip Kelly Watching The Same Quarterback We Are?

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Chip Kelly Philadelphia Eagles

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After the Eagles lost to the still undefeated Carolina Panthers 27-16 last Sunday night and saw their record fall to 3-4, everyone seemed to agree that something on the offensive side of the ball needs to change. The defense, which has been stellar so far and pretty much the only reason the Eagles managed those three wins, is fine. The offense, on the other hand, is a mess.

Dropped passes, way too many penalties, a lack of communication, pretty much if it can go wrong during a game, it has.

The lion’s share of the blame has been laid at the feet of QB Sam Bradford and rightfully so. Bradford has looked terrible since the opening kickoff of that first game against Atlanta and hasn’t really gotten any better. Yes, the loss against the Panthers wasn’t all his fault and he has had a few moments where he looked like the QB with so much potential that was picked first overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.

But for the most part, overall Bradford has been a huge disappointment.

So this week, when head coach Chip Kelly held his weekly press conference, someone asked him about the possibility of putting backup QB Mark Sanchez in to start. The thinking was that it might help to mix things up and that maybe it could fix some of the many issues the offense is having when they are on the field.

This was his answer:

Now, I know I have been critical of Kelly and some of the decisions and statements he has made in the past, and I fully realize that if Bradford doesn’t work out in Philadelphia it is going to make him look like quite the idiot in the eyes of most Eagles fans, so he really has no choice but to stand behind Bradford to the bitter end.

But are you f*cking kidding me?

Bradford currently has a passer rating of 76.4, which puts him pretty close to the bottom of the NFL. He has nine touchdowns but 10 interceptions to go with them and way to many of those happen in the red zone. He still looks scared in the pocket and seems to still be having issues running Kelly’s scheme.

So for Kelly to stand in front of a group of reporters, people who know how a good quarterback is supposed to perform and say “I think our quarterback is playing well” is the height of arrogance and so far from the truth, it’s astounding.

No one, and I mean no one, would be able to look at how Bradford has played so far this season and be able to say with a straight face that he has played well. At best you could say he has played average to below average, and you could only say that because Bradford has been out of football for almost two years with a long list of injuries.

But there is no rational way anyone can look at the Eagles season so far and say Sam Bradford has been good.

Unless you happen to be Chip Kelly.

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