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14 Questions With Jillian Mele

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Jillian Mele

14 Questions is The Philly Sports Cave’s monthly column that tries to bring you closer to the vibrant and always interesting Philadelphia sports culture. Each month we choose a person who is in some way connected to sports in the City of Brotherly Love and ask a standard set of 14 questions about them, the teams they love and the city they call home.

Jillian Mele
Photo credit: Jasen Hudson

When Jillian Mele left NBC 10 earlier this year in order to help launch Breakfast on Broad on the Comcast Network, you could say it was a change that was a long time coming.

Since graduating from LaSalle University in 2005, Mele has been a fixture in the news field and has always been eager to help cover the teams that make Philadelphia such a great place to be a sports fan. She was well on her way to doing just that when destiny made a slight course correction and she joined NBC 10 as a traffic reporter and occasional anchor. Mele would go on to win an Emmy for her outstanding work and also win the hearts of Philadelphia in the process.

Now Jillian is back doing what she loves most: talking about sports as part of the crew on Breakfast on Broad. A hardcore sports fan, she has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in front of the camera to draw from that make her very, very good at what she does.

We asked Jillian Mele 14 Questions. Let’s see what she had to say.

1 – Favorite Philly sports team and why?

Easy question – Eagles! Don’t get me wrong I love the other Philly teams but there is something about Eagles football that has a spot in my heart. Fall, football, the passion from the fans, I can’t get enough!

2 – Your earliest Philly sports memory?

Growing up I was addicted to the Flyers. I went to home games with my Dad and when I think back I remember two things – the walls (yes, plural) in my room plastered with tickets from the games. The other thing was my Dad’s black Dodge Ram pickup that had two orange stripes from headlights to taillights. We pulled up to the parking lot for games and everyone got so pumped!

3 – Favorite place in Philadelphia to catch a game?

Believe it or not, at home! I love being surrounded by friends or family and being able to hear the game on TV. A refrigerator close by is also a bonus. 😉

4 – The best cheese steak in the city can be found at…

I am a vegetarian, sooo….. next question!

5 – Wing Bowl: grand Philly tradition or a disgusting display of excess?

Combo of both. You’re lying if you say it’s not gross but that makes it an awesome Philly tradition.

6 – The first time a Philly sports team disappointed you?

I have to go with the fallout of the Phillies after the ’08 World Series. For the first time in my life I was able to experience the parade down Broad Street and be a part of something that is forever etched in all of our minds. We need that again.

7 – Which team will bring the next championship to the city?

It’s the greatest question of all in recent months and to be honest, I am still unsure. I would like to say the Eagles but as I am writing this, they are 2-3.

8 – Favorite Philadelphia athlete and why?

I always loved John LeClair – Legion of Doom, come on.

9 – Most overrated Philadelphia athlete and why?

Oh geez. How much time do we have? I kid! There are a bunch but who am I to judge, I can’t even play golf well. (see next question)

10 – If you needed one Philly athlete, past or present, to have your back in a fight, who would it be?

Easy! My co-host of Breakfast on Broad, Barrett Brooks. He is the nicest guy ever but when you are in his circle, he has your back. Just ask him about the time I hit someone’s house with a golf ball…

11 – If you could be present at any one Philly sports moment in history, what would it be?

Flyers Stanley Cup Championship, no question. Even though football is my first love, I have a soft spot in my heart for hockey.

12 – What is the best part about being a part of the Philly sports culture?

Do I have to choose one thing? I love my job and being a part of the sports culture in my hometown is my dream! I interned at Comcast SportsNet way back when  and it was such a distant dream to get back here one day. I love that we launched Breakfast on Broad at a time when each team is in a rebuild so to speak, it can only keep getting better!

13 – What is the worst part about being a part of the Philly sports culture?

When they lose. Getting up at 1AM on a Monday morning after an Eagles win is WAY better than getting up at 1AM on a Monday after a loss. Just sayin.

14 – What is your proudest moment as a part of Philly’s sports scene?

I love being able to share in the passion that truly is Philly sports. It doesn’t mater which team you root for, the passion in Philly is unrivaled. Being about to share it with the hometown crowd is just awesome.

You can find Jillian Mele on Twitter and Facebook and watch her on Breakfast on Broad Monday thru Friday from 6-8 AM on the Comcast Network.

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