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Can We All Agree It’s Time The Sixers Released Furkan Aldemir?

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Furkan Aldemir

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It seems every year during training camp and the preseason, the Philadelphia 76ers have at least one player whose presence on the roster causes people to shake their heads and wonder why,

For a number of years, that player was the pathetic and all around disappointing Kwame Brown. After the Sixers finally showed him the door, Arnett Moultrie took up that spot until the New York Knicks were dumb enough to take him off the Sixers’ hands.

And now? Most would agree that power forward Furkan Aldemir is the latest overrated player who really should be given a one-way ticket out-of-town, but for whatever reason, hasn’t been given one as of yet.

Since joining the Sixers in December of 2014, Aldemir has been a non-factor and of absolutely no help to the team, even one that is rebuilding and not trying to win such as the Sixers. Last season he averaged 2.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 0.4 blocks in the 41 games he played in and finished with a PER of 12.00. Not what you would call spectacular numbers, even on a team with as many young and inexperienced players as this 76ers squad.

Aldemir came into his second NBA season in better shape than last year after spending the summer playing internationally. Unfortunately, that hasn’t translated into better production on the hardwood.

Over the course of four games this preseason, Aldemir has a grand total of 10 points, 16 rebounds one blocked shot. He played well in the Utah summer league, which possibly gave everyone false hope that Aldemir had turned a corner in his game, but it would appear that wasn’t the case.

Aldemir has at least one fan in Sixers head coach Brett Brown, who still believes he can be productive.

“He’s reliable in that you need someone like that on the bench who can come in and give you something from time to time. I still think that’s in him.”

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Regardless, at this point it seems the only thing that is keeping Aldemir on this roster is the fact he has a $3 million guaranteed contract for the upcoming season. Unless GM Sam Hinkie can get something in return for Aldemir, odds are he will make the final roster for no other reason than that.

Which would be a shame.

Especially when you consider it may come at the expense of having to let power forward Christian Wood go, who has been turning heads this preseason.

Wood, an undrafted rookie out of UNLV, has played very well this preseason and had a breakout game against the New York Knicks last Monday, where he finished with 13 points, 10 rebounds and one blocked shot over the course of 20 minutes.

Some have been so impressed that they feel the Sixers would be well served if they were to simply release Aldemir, guaranteed contract or no, and give the roster spot to Wood, who would be a good bet to become a key part of the Sixers long-term plans.

Aldemir has been given more than ample chances to show if he has what it takes to make it in the NBA. The answer to that questions is a resounding “no”. So much like in the cases of Brown and Moultrie, it’s time for the Sixers to move on and embrace the future and add players that could actually help them win some games.

Because Furkan Aldemir certainly isn’t one of them.

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