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Chase Utley Making Headlines In NLDS

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Chase Utley Los Angeles Dodgers


After a controversial slide in the 7th inning of Game 2 of the NLDS, former beloved Phillie, Chase Utley is making headlines.

With runners on the corners for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Mets leading 2-1, Howie Kendrick lined a ball up the middle of the infield. Met’s shortstop Ruben Tejada received the ball, and prepared to throw to first to attempt to turn a double play; however, Tejada failed to record the first out and much less the second before Chase Utley came barreling into Tejada’s body to break up the double play.

Following Utley’s aggressive slide, Tejada came down with a broken leg, and the Dodgers took a 5-2 lead which they held unto the end of the game.

Quickly, the majority of broadcasters, players, and baseball fans started ruling Utley’s slide as excessively aggressive and unethical. Not only did this play break the leg of the Met’s starting shortstop while the team is in the playoffs but it also caused the Mets to lose the game. As a result of the controversy which the slide created, Joe Torre, MLB chief baseball officer, explained that he would investigate the play more and decide if action must be taken.

A full transcript of his statement can be read here.

Whether you believe that your former Phillie slid into second base with ill intention, or if it was merely a hard baseball play is up to you, but here are a few different reactions from fans, players, and commentators alike.

A majority of responders had ill words for Utley, which a simple Twitter search will bear out.

Justin Upton criticized Major League Baseball

However, former Phillie, Shane Victorino shows appreciation for Utley’s hard playing style.

And, Mark Mulder agrees with Shane –

And, finally to top it off for us all in Philadelphia

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