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14 Questions With Sarah Baicker

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14 Questions is The Philly Sports Cave’s monthly column that tries to bring you closer to the vibrant and always interesting Philadelphia sports culture. Each month we choose a person who is in some way connected to sports in the City of Brotherly Love and ask a standard set of 14 questions about them, the teams they love and the city they call home.

Sarah Baicker
Photo credit: Steve Caplan

It has long been understood in Philadelphia that if you had a question about the sport of hockey or the Philadelphia Flyers, there was one person you went to: Sarah Baicker.

Baicker has been in love with the sport of hockey since her childhood and has transformed that passion into a career many fans would envy. She joined Comcast SportsNet Philly in 2009 as a producer and eventually began appearing on camera on shows such as Philly Sports Talk and SportsNet Central. Baicker was lucky enough to skate on the Winter Classic ice when the game was held in Philadelphia and has forgotten more about the Flyers than most of us will ever know.

Recently, Sarah moved in front of the camera full-time as she helped launch Breakfast on Broad on the Comcast Network earlier this year where she uses her many talents to bring the joy of Philly sports to everyone.

We asked Sarah Baicker 14 Questions. Let’s see what she had to say.

1 – Favorite Philly sports team and why?

This one’s easy — the Flyers! I grew up a *huge* Flyers fan … I went to plenty of games with my dad and my brother, and I was lucky enough to come of age in the Eric Lindros/John LeClair era. I continue to be a huge hockey fan (and continue to play), and while I can’t call myself a fan anymore because I’ve worked in the industry for so long, the Flyers are still the team I’m most interested and invested in.

2 – Your earliest Philly sports memory?

I have a really embarrassing one, and I wonder whether my dad remembers, too. Not sure how old I was, but I couldn’t have been much more than 10 or 11. It was late fall, and my dad had promised to take me ice skating. This was before I played hockey, but definitely after I’d developed a love for the game. So, obviously, I was VERY excited to get on the ice. Well, the day of our date, a family friend called to offer us a pair of really great tickets to the Eagles game that afternoon. My dad gingerly approached me, asking me to go with him, hoping I’d be game. But oh, I was NOT. I think I almost threw a fit, something along the lines of yelling, “Daddy you PROMISED we’d go ice skating! I don’t want to go to the Eagles game!!!!!” To his credit, he passed on the tickets and we headed to the rink 🙂

3 – Favorite place in Philadelphia to catch a game?

AT the game! No question. Other than that, I love watching games with friends either at my place or theirs — with a good beer, of course.

4 – The best cheese steak in the city can be found at…

I’m not a big cheese steak fan (I know, I know! Don’t kill me!) because I generally don’t eat much red meat, but I’d have to say Jim’s.

5 – Wing Bowl: grand Philly tradition or a disgusting display of excess?

I have been to seven Wing Bowls. Writing that out, I can’t help but think to myself, “Seven?! Really?” I was a member of the media for all of them, and I’d have to say I straddle the line when it comes to the answer to this question. Is Wing Bowl a disgusting display of excess? Hell yes, it is. Is it also a very, very “Philly” tradition? For sure.

6 – The first time a Philly sports team disappointed you?

That Stanley Cup Final in 1997. When the Flyers were swept by the Red Wings? That was crushing.

7 – Which team will bring the next championship to the city?

We debate this rather frequently on Breakfast on Broad. It’s hard to say, but I generally like to think it will be either the Eagles or the Flyers first.

8 – Favorite Philadelphia athlete and why?

Of all time? It has to be Eric Lindros. Like I mentioned above, he was the face of the Flyers during the era in which I was in school and was a huge fan of the team. Plus, he was so fun to watch. He revolutionized the game — the guy had skill, clearly, but he could also throw a heck of a hit. That didn’t really exist before he came along. He changed the game forever. I’ve gotten to interview him a few times since I’ve worked in sports, and he’s also been fun to reminisce with.

9 – Most overrated Philadelphia athlete and why?

Nnamdi Asomugha … I mean, I don’t know that he was overrated when he actually started playing here, but FOR SURE the hype surrounding his acquisition made him seem like he was going to be a game changer. And then, well, you know how it played out.

10 – If you needed one Philly athlete, past or present, to have your back in a fight, who would it be?

Dave Schultz in his prime. The guy didn’t even set out to be a fighter, and he could defend his teammates like that? Yeah, I’ll take it.

11 – If you could be present at any one Philly sports moment in history, what would it be?

Easy: The Flyers’ Stanley Cup victories. Either one would work!

12 – What is the best part about being a part of the Philly sports culture?

I get to talk about sports for a living. I mean, this is the stuff that most people talk about in their free time, and I get to wake up every day knowing that it’s my top responsibility. That’s really cool. So is getting to know the athletes as people, and not just “gladiators,” that’s been awesome.

13 – What is the worst part about being a part of the Philly sports culture?

There’s not a lot that qualifies as bad about the gig, to be honest … but a small part of me does miss getting to be a fan! When you work in sports, you can’t be JUST a fan … you don’t say “we” when talking about a team, you say “they.” You usually can’t just go out with friends and enjoy a game and a beer — your mind is always working. But like I said … the positives far outweigh the negatives!

14 – What is your proudest moment as a part of Philly’s sports scene?

Getting to hand out the Yanick Dupre Award to Mark Streit on the ice at the Wells Fargo Center last season — and being the first woman in history to do so — was a pretty big honor.

You can find Sarah Baicker on Twitter and Facebook and watch her on Breakfast on Broad Monday thru Friday from 6-8 AM on the Comcast Network.

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