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Tebow Time Is Over: Tim Tebow Cut By The Eagles

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Tim Tebow


As of Friday, it seemed for all intents and purposes like QB Tim Tebow had done just enough to earn a second chance at a career in the NFL. After three subpar performances in the preseason, Tebow had himself a game on Thursday against the New York Jets, going 11 for 17 for 189 yards and scoring two touchdowns in addition to rushing for 32 yards on four carries in two quarters of work.

When the Birds traded QB Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals for a seventh-round pick, it appeared that Tebow would in fact be the third quarterback for the Eagles going into the 2015 season. It was thought that Tebow had a slight edge the entire duration of training camp thanks to his mobility and possible usefulness on short-yardage options, so the move wasn’t all that shocking to anyone.

What was shocking was when it was announced Saturday that among the players cut to get the Eagles’ roster down to 52 players, Tim Tebow’s name was among them.

Turns out, head coach Chip Kelly didn’t think as much of Tebow as everyone thought he did.

Wow. No one will ever accuse Kelly of being subtle.

What gets me about the entire Tebow experiment is that it should have been fairly easy to see that Tebow still doesn’t have the skills necessary to be a QB in the NFL. That was something Kelly should have been able to determine from the very first preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts. So why the long, drawn out audition process for the third quarterback job? Word in that the Eagles had been trying to trade Barkley for months before they were finally able to unload him on the Cardinals. Why drag things out for both players if, in fact, you probably had no intention of keeping either of them in the first place?

The whole situation reminds me of 2013 when Kelly refused to name the starting QB for the season and had everyone playing a guessing game as to whether it would be Nick Foles or Michael Vick. It’s beginning to make me think he enjoys messing with the fans and media almost as much as he enjoys coaching the game.

With the release of Tebow, the Eagles will go into the season with only two quarterbacks, Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. Since the Eagles only dress two quarterbacks on game day, not having a third QB going into the season isn’t a huge deal.

Unless Bradford gets hurt, in which case it them becomes a very, very big deal.

For his part, Tebow doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings, sending out a message via Twitter thanking the Eagles for the chance at a comeback.

What does the future hold for Tim Tebow? He might have done enough with the Eagles to convince another franchise to give him a shot once he’s though waivers, or he might return to broadcasting. There is no question that man has a devoted following of fans that support him no matter what he does.

It’s just a shame one of those fans wasn’t Chip Kelly.

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