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Tim Tebow Has Grand Opportunity To Snag Roster Spot

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Tim Tebow Philadelphia Eagles

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Quarterback Tim Tebow‘s chances of making the Philadelphia Eagles 53-man roster? They appear to just keep getting better and better.

Amazing. Isn’t it?

Last week in an interview on Detroit radio station WGPR, linebacker Brandon Graham expressed to host Lauren Beasley that “Tim Tebow is going to shock a lot of people, because he is going to make the team… And I think he will play a lot.”

Will Tebow finally return as an NFL quarterback? Will Tebow-mania return to center stage? That question will be answered once September 5 comes around – when all football teams are required to reduce their club to their final 53 men. Until then, this comment made by Graham is mere speculation although it is a definite confidence booster to someone who is constantly criticized, like Tebow has been.

Many people have thought by now that the name Tim Tebow would be long gone like Silly Bandz or cargo shorts. But Tebow-mania continues to glow as a low-lit flame – a flame that continues to burn no matter how minimal it is. Die-hard football fans hate him (Eagles fans included), but I love everything about him. Except his throwing. Other than that, I love everything about him because his presence makes the sport that much more interesting. And who doesn’t want that?

Many people also doubted that Tebow would even be considered to make the team. After all, the last time he was on the field prior to joining the Eagles practice squad, was when he failed to make the New England Patriots two years ago. After that, he spent a year working as a college football analyst with ESPN and has been trying to make an NFL team ever since.

But currently, things are looking up for Tebow as it appears him making the roster is a real possibility.

Along with the seal of approval from Brandon Graham, The Eagles have been rumored to be placing quarterback Matt Barkley on the trading block.

It has been known for some time that the Eagles staff are ready to move on from Barkley, a fourth-round pick whom they traded up to grab in the 2013 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, he has been a disappointment for Philadelphia, and the Eagles organization do not see Barkley as a reliable piece for the team moving forward. They have been trying to trade him for several months without any luck. With Barkley possessing little trade value, Jimmy Kempski, Eagles writer for The PhillyVoice, reports that the Eagles aren’t asking for much.

A possible trade for current or future considerations would be the best-case scenario, but if no teams are willing to offer even a smidgen of pie, he will most likely get cut when the roster deadline comes about.

Matt Barkley spent the last two years as the Eagles third-string quarterback, and if he sticks around, he is in the front seat to regain that position behind both Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. If he is gone via trade or simply cut, this would give Tebow a great opportunity to swoop in and snag the third-string spot.

Chip Kelly has also mentioned wanting to use Tebow in different packages. Tebow could possibly be used in short-yard situations, where he excels in running the ball. If Tebow makes the team and impresses, maybe he moves up into a backup role. Maybe even starting. It seems crazy but seeing how much confidence Coach Kelly and his team members seem to have in Tebow, it wouldn’t shock me if his hard work and dedication finally get him a chance to return to the game he so dearly loves.

But for now, the current outlook for the starting position seems to be a battle between Sanchez and Bradford with Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley battling for the backup positions. We will learn more as we continue through training camp and preseason.

Anyways, great news for Tebow and great news for me. As a Tebow fan, I couldn’t be more proud. Welcome back buddy!

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