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Jonathan Papelbon To Nationals Almost A Done Deal

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Jonathan Papelbon Philadelphia Phillies

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According to multiple sources, Jonathan Papelbon has not reported to Rogers Center in Toronto for the Phillies scheduled game against the Blue Jays, leading many to believe that the closer has been traded or that he will be very soon.


As has been speculated for most of the day, reportedly, the Phillies have been involved in serious trade talks with the Washington Nationals for the rights to acquire the all-star closer.

While Papelbon has expressed on numerous occasions his desire to leave Philadelphia, he has also made it clear he plans to veto any trade in which he would not be a full-time closer. If there is one thing that Papelbon hates more than being bogged down in Philadelphia, it is the possibility of either splitting time as a closer or being used as a set up man. Fortunately for Papelbon and the Phillies in making this deal, ABC has reported that Papelbon is expected to replace current Naitonals’ closer, Drew Storen, if the trade is completed.

That hurdle aside, all that remains are the financial particulars, such as how much of Papelbon’s remaining salary the Phillies will be on the hook for over the next two seasons.

With that aside however, everything leads us to believe that Papelbon has been granted his wish. Details between the two clubs are currently being finalized, and ESPN analyst Jim Bowden speculates that the Phillies will be receiving a AA pitcher in return for Papelbon.

Finally for Papelbon, a one way ticket out of Philadelphia seems to be coming his way.

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