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How Much Should We Trust The 76ers After Embiid’s Injury?

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Sam Hinkie Philadelphia 76ers

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Trust The Process.

That’s been the motto amongst fans ever since Philadelphia 76ers president and general manager Sam Hinkie began the agonizing rebuilding process a couple years ago. The success of this process won’t be decided for years from now, but the Sixers are struggling with the “trust” part of that motto.

Even though it’s a saying that wasn’t popularized by the franchise, the Sixers are still asking fans to trust that what it’s doing will result in sustainable success. It makes it more difficult to trust the Sixers management, though, when it’s misleading about injury updates, such as when describing how Joel Embiid’s right foot hadn’t healed as much as they had hoped, when in reality, it was re-broken.

Why would the Sixers deceive us when Embiid would’ve been ruled out for the season either way? It’s a tough question, but my only answer is that they didn’t want their fans to be that much more concerned with Embiid’s health. If he was having surgery because it wasn’t healing fast enough, then it’s much less concerning than if it’s due to a re-broken foot.

Yeah, because no one was concerned when the initial news broke, right?

Some may say the Sixers lied, but that’s irrelevant. They’ll defend what they said and how saying, “less healing than anticipated” doesn’t technically rule out the bone breaking again. After all, a re-broken foot could still be classified as less healing than expected because now there’s no healing.

Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil has already attempted to explain the situation to fans on Twitter, saying:

He went on to tweet:

The bottom line here is that the Sixers have formed a coalition that involves letting as little information as possible slip out to the public. It has become widely known that Hinkie is obsessed with letting outsiders know as little as possible when it comes to the team’s operations. It has also become widely known that the Sixers won’t hesitate to bend the rules a bit, as evidenced by investigations into their handling of the salary cap and certain players they’ve traded away. When considering these facts, their misperception of Embiid’s injury doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Perhaps from now on, we should focus on trusting the process, and not the actual team.

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