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Should the Flyers Consider Trading Claude Giroux?

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Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers

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On the surface, the question seems absurd. Why would the Flyers even consider such a thing? Claude Giroux is 27-years old and in the prime of his carrer. He is considered one of the five best players in the league by all the experts. Over the past five years, nobody in the NHL has registered more points than Giroux. Not Sidney Crosby. Not Alex Ovechkin. Not Patrick Kane. So the Flyers shouldn’t even consider such a notion right? Claude Giroux should be one of the players Flyers GM Ron Hextall builds the team around. Maybe so, but when you look at where the Flyers are in their rebuilding process, the notion starts to make sense.

The Flyers are still in the beginning phase of their rebuild and Hextall has only just begun the process of tearing the Flyers down and then building them back up through the NHL Draft. He is off to a good start. The 2014 draft class is considered by experts such as Craig Button to be a strong one. Travis Sanheim, Nichols Aude-Kubel and Oskar Lindblom are all considered very good NHL prospects. Hextall made two shrewd moves at the the trade deadline. First, he acquired two second round picks from the Chicago Blackhawks for Kimmo Timmonen and then he then traded Braydon Coburn to the Tampa Bay Lightning for 24-year old defensman Radko Gudas and Tampa’s first and third round picks in the 2015 draft. The Flyers still have a lot of dead weight that needs to be shed from this team though. Vinny Lecavlier, R.J. Umberger, Luke Schenn, Nick Grossman and Mark Streit are all guys who need to be moved in order to both give the Flyers salary cap room and to make a space the roster for the young players in their system. That process takes time. It will also take time for the young prospects in the Flyers system to both graduate to the NHL and establish themselves as bona fide NHL Players. It will take at least three years for that process to be completed. By that time Giroux will be 30 years old and probably still a good player, but also past his prime.

So do the Flyers trade Giroux now while his market value is at its highest? The Flyers would be able to get a huge return on him in the way of young players and/or prospects. The Flyers would also be shedding $8 million a year off of their salary cap. This would give the Flyers a lot more flexibility to go out and sign free agents if they choose to go that route. When the Flyers are finally ready to contend three years from now, instead of a 30-year old Giroux, you will have a 21 or 22-year old star in the making who’s best years are in front of him, not behind him.

Here’s a hypothetical. The Flyers trade Giroux to the Arizona Coyotes for the third overall pick in the draft and take Mitch Marner and then with their own pick at No. 7, the Flyers pick winger Miko Rantanen. So three years from now, instead of a 30-year old Giroux, you will have both Marner and Rantanen at 21 hitting their stride and approaching the prime of their carrers. Its food for thought and its not totally outlandish for the Flyers and Hextall to consider it

12 thoughts on “Should the Flyers Consider Trading Claude Giroux?

  1. I believe your idea makes absolute sense. I am a big Girouix fan but the time is right to maximize your return before time moves on. Love idea creating cap space and adding more young talent in your pipeline. Flyers want to be like Blackhawks the draft sis the recipe. Let Hextall do his job. Excellent job on article and look forward to reading more in future

  2. Trade Girouix now and suffer through at least another 5 years of NO playoffs or 1st round losses. The team needs to stay competitive in order to make itself palatable to young prospects. NOBODY wants to play for a perennial loser!

    1. Is the idea to just be competitive or to win a Stanley Cup? The Flyers have missed the playoffs two out of the last three years with Giroux on the team so where will keeping him get you? Do the Flyers really want to make the same mistake the Philllies did by keeping guys like Howard and and Utley for too long and then being stuck with them and unable to get anything for them?Not sure what you mean when you say that young prospects don’t want to come to a perinnial loser. If you build your team through the draft that isnt a concern. In the NHL, you owm a players rights until he is 27. So whether he wants to stay here or not he has no choice. Im guessing you meant to say young free agents. And when it comes to luring free agents here what kind of team do you think they will be more attracted to? A team stuck in limbo with a declining Giroux? Or a young and up and coming team with guys like Marner Rantanan Sanheim Morin Ghost Aude Kubel Simmonds and Voracheck all in their early to late 20s? My guess would be the latter

  3. I’m all for it. I said this same thing since January, when it was apparent they were going nowhere for a few yrs. Let’s just hope they bring their young guys up before they are 26. Right Ruben?

  4. Good Article, but I disagree. I wouldn’t trade him for Marner or a that level pick. It would need to be McDavid or Eichel. A player at Giroux’s caliber doesn’t grow on trees and not a safe bet that Marner or Strome will be just as good as Giroux. They could be but that’s a hell of a gamble and tough sell to the fans if it doesn’t pan out (something the Sixers don’t seem to worry about.) I don’t want the Flyers to gamble away their current talent and tank for draft picks, I’m excited the way they are building the team as of now, plenty of low round talent. I don’t see them being bad enough to receive the first few picks in the coming years, they need to move forward now. Lottery picks are lucky anyway if we’ve learned anything in the past with P.Kane. Giroux has proved to be durable and a top point getter (as you stated.) I’d also argue he has put up good points despite having any help on his second line. The easy way to beat the Flyers is to take him and Voracek out of the game. All of the good teams have 2 or sometimes 3 lines that can score. I also think you need some good veterans to teach these young guys (see what Edmonton lacks…) I don’t think they are as far off as people make them out to be and the EAST seems to shift every year. Look fwd. to more of your articles Michael!

    1. I hear you Bern. You make a lot of valid points. Trading Giroux definitely would be a bit of a gamble. I think what it comes down to is how far you think the Flyers are from being a true contender. If you think they are only a year or two away, you keep Giroux. If you think they are three or four years away, trading him might be the way to go.

  5. And just for the record, I like Giroux. Im not one of these people who says he should be stripped of his captaincy or that hes overrated. I used to get in arguments with Mr. Mcget all the time because he thinks Giroux is overrated. Im just looking at it in terms of where the Flyers are right now. If the Flyers are three or four years from being a legitimate Stanley Cup contender, now might be the time to trade Giroux when his value is at its highest

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