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Give Sixers Rookie Michael Carter-Williams A Break, Okay?

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Michael Carter-Williams

Sixers fans should really cut rookie point guard Michael Carter-Willams some slack after a lackluster Summer League performance.

With the NBA Summer League officially behind us, much is being said of the talent (and lack thereof) that was on display. But the only player who’s skills Philadelphia 76ers fan care about is that of our future point guard, Michael Carter-Williams.

And to say our much heralded 11th overall pick in the NBA Draft was a disappointment would be an astounding understatement. His final FG percentage was a pathetic 27 percent and he had an very hard time getting anything to go in the basket. To say he struggled would be like saying the Sixers wasted the second pick in the 1993 draft on Shawn Bradley; very, very obvious.

Impossibly there are already people saying that Carter-Williams is a letdown, that he will never be able to replace the traded All-Star Jrue Holiday.

To that I say give the guy a chance, will you?

The Summer League is like playground basketball for the NBA; totally meaningless. It’s purpose is to give young, inexperienced players a chance to see what playing in the NBA is going to be like, while coaches get a chance to see what needs work and where a player’s weaknesses are. It’s not meant to be a real barometer of a players talent or what they are going to be able to do on the court come game time. So any evaluation of a player at the point in their career Carter-Williams is at is premature at best, irresponsible at the worst.

These are probably the same people who said last year to trade the Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown, that he would never live up to his potential. And we all have seen what Brown has done this season for the team. Makes those folks look a bit like idiots, huh?

My point here is that no one should be jumping to conclusions when it comes to Carter-Williams talent or what he will do once the games count. He has a lot to learn and his offensive game needs a ton of work, that’s for sure. But his defensive game is solid and his potential is all upside. With the right head coach, MCW could be a force to be reckoned with by mid-season, especially since he will probably get as many minutes as he can handle this coming year.

So let’s lay off the poor guy for a bit and let him enjoy his NBA honeymoon for a bit longer. Being this is Philly, there will be more than enough time to throw him to the wolves when the season starts.

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